I am focusing on new and exciting artwork mainly in the 'Ocean Theme' where we spend 6 months of the year cruising the Queensland Coast on our yacht 'Rambler'

If you are looking for an unique artwork reflecting everything nautical and tropical please call Jenni on 0413 315 843 or email her on jenni@kirkwoodart.com.au.

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Contact Jenni on 0413 315 843 for more details.


Jenni Kirkwood

About UsJenni is focusing on a new and exciting exhibition which follows the theme of her latest adventures, “Sailing Away Exhibition” sailing the Queensland coast and also completing several commissions.


About Us

The Percy Hilton is going for auction on eBay on December 2 if you are interested in buying it. If you need more information on this painting for sale please check out www.percyisland.com.au.

Welcome to Kirkwood Art

“The creative process begins by meeting and discovering your needs in colour, design and texture. I then design a piece of art that I’m sure will bring you joy and live in your heart for many years to come”

Inspiration, excitement, motivation, imagination, enthusiasm, desire

Are the feelings that come to mind in starting a painting or anything creative really….

Music plays a big part in the creative process,  I play soft calming music like the Chillout Lounge Classics or R & B Soul, and other times classical Andrea Bocelli or Josh Groban. It sets the pace, and it all depends how I’m feeling at the time

Decide on the subject, then the process, techniques and the colours, what textures to use or not to use and simply visualizing….. The emotion builds and seems to take over….you either have to start this painting immediately or you need more time to think it through more thoroughly….Incubate is a good word….

Most of my inspiration comes from the tropics, where I call home. The colours are so different from anywhere else, so alive and exciting. To me, bright vibrant colours are happy colours and that’s one strong emotion everyone seems to strive for……

I feel very strongly that you always need to Believe in something, Believe in yourself, Believe in someone and have someone Believe in you…

And it really all boils down to ‘The Joyful End Result’……



`Renting Art can enhance the look of your Property for sale or relaxing clients and staff in Corporate Offices'

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